We spent the opening weekend at the annual LEGOLAND Brick or Treat event and it was one of the best things we have done over the years for Halloween.

Brick or Treat at LEGOLAND is a two week special Halloween themed event running from the 18th October until the 2nd November.

During this event the park has had a spooky makeover with lots of unique activities that you can only see and do during this two week period, including fireworks on the last two weekends of October  20th, 21st, 26th, 27th and the 2nd November.

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The Halloween theme starts as soon as you cross the gates into the park with spooky background music playing and LEGOLAND has done a great job incorporating Halloween into the park with spooky activities, decorations and characters. It also gave the kids a chance to get dressed up in their favourite Halloween outfits.

Enchanted Forest

An area of Pirate Shores has been transformed into the Enchanted Forest which was a big hit with the kids!    As we wandered around the forest we spotted Halloween themed LEGO characters and pumpkins hidden amongst the bushes until we reached the first activity station.

If you just want to doodle you can colour in some Haunted House Monster Party Friends in the colouring tent or build your own master pieces out of Lego in a free build area.

The girls were tasked with making a giant LEGO spider to add to the giant cobweb wall and then it was onto helping build a Halloween themed LEGO mosaic.

There are so many LEGO themed Halloween photo opportunities in this area so remember to bring your camera.

Pumpkin Patch

Our favourite activity in the Enchanted Forest was building our best spookiest pumpkin out of DUPLO bricks.

This could have kept the kids and my husband entertained for hours.  Once the pumpkins were complete they took pride of place in the LEGO pumpkin patch – which was a really nice touch.

Brick or Treat Trail

It was next to the bubbling green cauldron in the enchanted Forest we met the Halloween themed LEGO cast members who explained what we needed to do to complete our Brick or Treat Trail.

Following the instructions in our event guide we had to find the eight purple coloured brick or treat doors dotted around the park and take a note of the special ingredients needed for the potion.

This was a big hit with the girls as they tried to collect the special ingredients for our potion list.

We didn’t manage to collect them all, mainly because there were so many other activities to keep us occupied, but for those who do complete the trail you receive a free Halloween treat from a cast member in the enchanted forest between 10am until 5pm.

Tip – Like all theme parks you will cover a lot of steps at LEGOLAND so wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

We did manage to collect all of the five locations of the “Firework Guy”, on another hidden trail in LEGOLAND.  When we handed our challenge into the Inspiration Centre (between 2pm – 4pm) we were rewarded with limited edition “Firework Guy” pop badges, which was a big hit with Chloe and Holly.

They have been collecting LEGO pop badges from previous visits and have built up quite a collection so when they found out they would receive a limited-edition Halloween pop badge for their lanyard when purchasing a kids meal we stopped off for lunch at the Knights Table.

Whenever they met a cast member they would typically trade one of their pop badges, you can also do this with a Lego minifigure if you remember to bring one with you.

This is what I loved about Brick or Treat at LEGOLAND these little activities made your visit even more memorable than normal.

Character Meet and Greets 

The great thing about Brick or Treat is if you want to join in the Halloween fun, children are encouraged to dress up in fancy dress costume.  We were impressed with the effort some guests made, they were so good in fact that we thought they were part of the Brick or Treat Event.

There was so much to do during Brick or Treat that we missed the 12pm children’s costume competition and Monster Disco at Miniland, but we did manage to meet Lord Vampyre and Orange Brick , some of the LEGO characters who roam around the park.

Miniland Ghost Takeover and Mini Pumpkin Patch

We were excited to visit Miniland especially as it has expanded this year to include more key landmarks from around the world including the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal along with the new Miniland USA.

During our visit to Miniland we found the world’s smallest LEGO pumpkin patch located near Stonehenge and we had fun spotting the LEGO ghosts haunting some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Miniland is one of my favourite parts of LEGOLAND, the attention to detail that goes into creating the scenes is amazing especially when I spotted my home city of Edinburgh, plus the new Miniland USA area is really impressive.

This is home to many iconic landmarks from across America including the Empire State Building standing at 4.4 metres tall, Las Vegas landmarks to the White House and the Golden Gate Bridge.

As well as the spooky activities we had great fun enjoying the rides shows and attractions at LEGOLAND which are perfect for primary school ages children. At 10 and 7, I felt the girls were the perfect age to visit LEGOLAND as they could access all of the attractions without height or age restrictions, which is why they love visiting this park so much.

Out of the 55 rides on offer throughout the park our family favourites was the iconic Dragon rollercoaster and Mia’s Riding Adventure while the spinning spider was the perfect ride for the Halloween theme.

Tip – Download the LEGOLAND app or if you have purchased a Q-Bot look at the website on your phone as it shows the ride wait times and allowed us to make best use of our time by planning our itinerary

Chloe and Holly tested their driving skills at the LEGO city driving school, went for a spin on Knights Quest before taking a cruise around my personal favourite – Fairy Tale Brook.


If you are visiting during a weekend, school holidays or during a special event such as Brick or Treat and if your budget can allow it’s well worth purchasing a Q-Bot.

We had a Q Bot express priced at £40 per person which reduced our wait time in half and we could make ride reservations from anywhere in the park using the Q-Bot website our mobile phone.  Yes they are expensive – but it will make your visit much more enjoyable so you can spend more time enjoying the rides and the park rather than waiting in lines.

Spooky Hill Train

We have visited LEGOLAND Windsor many times over the years but we have never caught the Hill Train, however with it being transformed into the Spooky Hill Train it was too hard to pass over.

The train has had a spooky makeover complete with smoke and spooky music and was a fun way to get back to the top of the park.

Halloween themed treats

One of our favourite places to eat at LEGOLAND is at the Hilltop Café, which has some of the best views toward Windsor and the city of London.  For Halloween they had lots of delicious treats that we couldn’t resist including pumpkin doughnuts, zombie cookies and day of the dead jammie biscuits.

If you visit later on in the day the café is surprisingly quiet and a great time to relax and have a well-earned treat and rest from all the walking in the park! That’s our excuse anyway!

For kids one of the coolest ways to get back into the park is using the slides which both Chloe and Holly loved.

After checking out the new interactive Coral Reef area, we watched the new 4D movie (where you will get wet in certain seats) before taking one last view of the park using the Sky Rider.

Fireworks Spectacular

We had heard that the fireworks spectacular at LEGOLAND was excellent but as they didn’t start until 7pm and with a long drive home plus school the next day we unfortunately had to miss the fireworks much to Holly’s disappointment.

What makes the display at LEGOLAND unique is with every bang and light from the fireworks, when you watch through 3D glasses it turns into thousands of tiny LEGO bricks in the sky – how amazing does that sound.

But it’s another reason why it’s well worth visiting next year and staying on-site next time at the LEGOLAND Hotel or the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, both of which are just steps away from the park.

The lure of one of the biggest LEGO toy shops in the country was too hard to resist and we left with more LEGO toys to keep us busy during half term and two very happy girls after a fun filled spooktacular day at LEGOLAND Windsor.

Tickets and Pricing

Tickets for the Brick or Treat event start from £32pp when booked 7 days in advance rising to £47pp during their fireworks spectacular event. Visit the LEGOLAND website for more information.

If you have Tesco Clubcard vouchers these can be converted to make your entrance tickets cheaper still or free if you have enough vouchers.  At the time of writing you need £13 in Clubcard Vouchers for visits booked in advance for the 20  – 28 October and on the 2 November.

Alternatively if you have travelled by train you can get 2 for 1 entry at the gate via the National Rail website.



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