The British Airways Sale has just gone live and this is one of the best times of the year to pick up a bargain flight or “hotel and flight” deal for 2019.

For flight only deals with British Airways they have released a handy little “Flight Deal Checker” tool, it’s like Skyscanner but just for BA flights.  This is really effective if your dates and times are flexible as the savings can be substantial – we have saved hundreds of pounds using this approach.

Better still if you have Avios points available look at the part paying option using your points which can reduce the cost of your flights even further.  Take a look at some of the examples below especially for destinations that are popular with families including Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Las Vegas.

We are planning a trip to Texas in 2019 and the deal to Austin, Texas for £180 using our Avios looks fantastic value at the moment

  • Orlando £299 / £149 + 28000 Avios
  • Tampa £299 / £149 + 28000 Avios
  • Fort Lauderdale £299 / £149 + 28000 Avios
  • Las Vegas £689 / £339 + 69000 Avios
  • Chicago £295 / £179 + 20000 Avios
  • Austin £364 / £180 + 36000 Avios
  • Nashville £376 / £180 + 38500 Avios
  • Pittsburgh £419 / £179 + 47000 Avios
  • Phoenix £599 / £249 + 69000 Avios

It’s also worth looking at their “flight and hotel” or “flight and car hire” deals they can typically work out cheaper than paying for just a flight – the other benefit of this approach is that you only pay a small deposit upfront with the balance due five weeks before your flight.

We have also used this extensively in the past, most recently for our trip to New York – it was cheaper using this approach than booking flights and hotels separately.

Some of the best deals we have found are below, starting from just £99.00 for a flight and hotel.

£99 pp Barcelona, Venice or Nice  with flights + 2 nights hotel
£149 pp Algarve, Malta, Malaga ith flights + 7 nights hotel
£395 pp Las Vegas with flights + 5 nights hotel
£379 pp New York or Chicago with flights + 3 nights hotel
£399pp Orlando with flights + 7 nights hotel

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