What It’s Like To Take a VIP Experience at Legoland Windsor

It was only during a recent visit to Legoland Windsor that I discovered how you can visit Legoland Windsor in luxury.

Legoland offer an almost secret VIP experience, and I am not talking about Reserve and Ride.

This experience starts at £249 per person for the Silver Experience right up to £399 per person for a Platinum experience outlined below.  Want to stay overnight? No problem, with the VIP hotel experience it’s yours from just £1000 per room per night.

You might be thinking who pays for that?  However, by all accounts it seems to be popular.  During the peak Summer season or during school holidays, parents don’t want to stand with their crying children whilst waiting in line in the rain or sweltering in the summer heat.  It could be sportsmen and women or CEOs who have more important things to do than waste time whilst at the park waiting around for their children to go on rides.

Once booked however, you will truly be treated like a VIP during your visit.  We experienced a VIP (lite) version during our recent visit and it was a revelation on how to visit this park. You’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the Legoland experience.

The perks include

Free Parking and exclusive access through the hotel

No more trying to remember which part of the car park the car was parked followed by a mass scrum of people all trying to enter the park at the same time.  You get free parking and an exclusive and stress-free entry to the park via the Legoland hotel.

Digital Photo Pass – all your digital photos, all day

There are numerous photo opportunities across Legoland, either at the end of a ride or at a meet and greet, but many of us balk at the costs of each individual photo.  With the Digital Photo Pass all photos are included, similar to the memory maker offered by Disney.

You also get a free driving school photo licence for the children.

Priority VIP Instant Ride Access – Via Exit and Reserve and Ride lines

No more waiting. If you have ever been to Legoland in peak season then you will understand the benefit of having to avoid the massive queues, especially for new attractions like the amazing Mythica ride.  This is even better and more powerful than the Reserve and Ride options.  All you need to do is show your yellow VIP bands and you are whisked to the front with no waiting.

You either enter via a Reserve and Ride line or if it’s a really busy ride such as the Squid Surfer, Pirate Falls or Coastguard HQ  you just turn up at the exit, flash your VIP band and away you go on the ride. It is fantastic and you get to go as many times as you like!


Preferred seating

The Lego y shows are very popular and busy especially at peak times during the season.  However as a Platinum VIP there is no need to race to get there early for the best seats, as you get priority seating.  By the way the Lego Friends show was awesome, and would highly recommend it.


Personal Host for the day

Your VIP host on Platinum experiences are there to guide you around the park and are very knowledgeable about the Legoland story.  If you have any questions about Lego or Legoland then your VIP host is there to answer any questions you have.

One of the favourite benefits is that your personal host for the day will know the best way to get the most out of the park and deliver the best experience, no pre-trip research necessary.

Unlimited Dining

As a Platinum VIP you also get to dine when and as often as you want.  As many of you will know it can be really stressful dining at Legoland because it’s so busy, but as a VIP you don’t have this to worry about.  Just tell your Legoland VIP host where you want to eat in the park and they will do the rest.  You can also eat as much and as often as you like in the park.

The best part is that you never feel rushed whilst dining and you can sit and enjoy it, because you know that you can choose any ride you want with no wait time or get the best seats at the shows.

Children’s Lego Gifts

Children (aged 3-15 years) also receive a Lego gifts on the Platinum experience to remind them of their fantastic day at the park, and it saves having to visit the usually busy Big Lego shop at the main entrance.

Gold Wash – panning for gold for the Children 

You get to pan for gold, however this isn’t such a great benefit in my opinion as most of your day would be spent on the rides.

Feeling like a VIP

This is one of the biggest perks, feeling like a celebrity as you flash your VIP bands as part of this package.  It’s pretty special, especially with lots of people trying to work out who you are and wondering why you’re being ushered to the front of the queue!

It would be an amazing birthday gift to see your children’s faces as they are treated like a VIP on their special day.

The Non Perks

Ok, it’s very expensive, but visiting Legoland during peak times needs military-style planning and even then you are unable to go on as many rides as you would like.  The majority of your day is typically spent in queues resulting in having to book a second day or another visit later in the season, so maybe the VIP package isn’t that expensive after all?

The only non perk of having the VIP package is I am not sure if I could ever do Legoland again without having VIP access.

To view details of the VIP Experience days at Legoland click here.

Disclosure – We were given VIP access bands during our visit.

Click here for the latest Legoland Windsor offers, pricing and opening hours.



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