Our girls are great flyers as they have been travelling since they were 14 weeks old.  They both know the procedure and what to expect when they fly.


They love the feeling of adventure and being able to sit next to one another on the plane.  They especially love the responsibility of being able to pack their own backpacks to carry on.  I am going to share with you my tips for flying with kids, so that air travel can be as much fun as possible.

We have travelled on flights both long and short haul so with our experience of flying many times hopefully you too can have an enjoyable family flight.

  1. Pack a selection of your child’s favourite snacks with you for them to eat throughout the flight.
  2. Pack a few small hand held toys that can be easily played with on the seat back tables. Let your child take their favourite teddy to offer them comfort.
  3. Ask the airline for a flight log book so children can keep their own personal record of all their flights which is a nice unique keepsake. My children love theirs and they hand into the Captain to complete during the flight.
  4. Buying a comfy travel pillow to support those little necks and help aid sleep.
  5. Download onto your tablet such as iPad your child’s favourite movie or TV programme from an app such as Sky Go Extra. Alternatively you can sign up to Disney Life for a free month trial which offers a wide array of movies, tv shows and games.
  6. Be prepared by bringing hand wipes and sanitizer to wipe down the tray table surface before using and also to keep your children’s hands clean.
  7. Carry a change of clothes in case of any spilt drinks.
  8. Pack some surprise presents and throughout the journey they can be entertained with a new toy, book or game.
  9. Pack a lollipop for take-off and landing or a drink that can relieve any pressure in your child’s ears. Some children experience nose bleeds so it is always a good idea to pack tissues.
  10. If you are flying long haul, order your in-flight children’s meal in advance with the airline before you fly. Although your child is down on the airline’s list to travel on the flight, they are not guaranteed a children’s meal.


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