SEGA Republic is a superb indoor amusement area for children and adults with a number of games and activities.  My husband was just as excited as the girls to visit SEGA Republic I think because of his SEGA Master System and SEGA Mega Drive days as a child.

sega10As you enter the attraction a giant Sonic the Hedgehog is suspended from the ceiling. You feel like you’re inside a pinball machine with the lights, sounds and grand scale of things.


We had looked online before going to the attraction as my younger daughter who is 5 was only able to take part in a few rides.  The minimum height requirement for most rides is 110cm with the some of the roller-coaster rides being 140cm.


SEGA Republic is a 76,000 sq. ft indoor amusement park with 15 major attractions to try out and more than 170 games, from the latest virtual reality simulators to racing games and skill and redemption games.  The attraction is spread across two levels and the lights are dazzling as you enter, adding to the excitement.




The family fun began as soon as we entered as Chloe loved the Sonic Hopper Ride.  This involved being spun around and dropping 9 metres from the air which she thought was brilliant.


sega23The children slid down the tallest and largest indoor slides in the Middle East on the Giant Sliders.  It was a little bit too fast for my younger one but my elder daughter, who is 8 and a bit of a thrill seeker loved it.


We enjoyed the simulator ride Wild Wings which is a plane out of control as you board a journey of bumps and near misses. Wild Jungle is a similar experience. This time you are on board a 4×4 simulator through the jungle, both fun and suitable for younger children.



The fastest ride of the day that my husband and younger daughter tried was Spin Gear.  It was a fast spinning roller coaster ride escaping the evil Dr Eggman.




We enjoyed taking part in some family fun from a competitive game of 4-way air hockey to racing each other on Outrun 2 SP a high octane racing game, where sadly I was beaten by my husband and two children.





The girls loved lots of the games such as a mini simulator called mini rider 2, Stinky Feet a water racing game which mummy won a Sonic the Hedgehog Toy.




There is also a soft play for little ones spread over 300 square metres set on four different levels.  Another favourite for the girls was trying to win one of the many prizes on offer from the huge choice of games available across SEGA Republic.



There are pay by ride prices and also passes you can buy.  It is a good idea to work out what you would like to try before you go and work out if a family power pass would be beneficial.


SEGA Republic has been awarded Certificate of excellence 2014 by Trip Advisor and is situated on the second floor of the Dubai Mall adjacent to KidZania.


If you loved arcades as a child then SEGA Republic will bring all the memories flooding back.  Sega Republic is a must visit with families when visiting Dubai and we all loved it especially the girls.


Thank you to Maria from Emaar Entertainment for organising us a guided tour around Sega Republic and thank you to the staff at SEGA Republic for our private tour.




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