Going to the beach with children and trying to get rid of unwanted sand between the toes can be a challenge but this has become a whole lot easier with a great new product designed for children called Beach Magic.

I love the fact that it was a mummy who came up with the idea of a child friendly product after experiencing the nightmare of sand removal.

The blurb said that Beach Magic is a unique powder which removes sand easily from the skin.  Anything that can easily remove sand from your skin sounded great so we took it for a test run at one of the beautiful beaches in South Wales.

It’s compact size ensures that it can be easily stored in a small bag and has a twistable lid to stop any product from spilling out.

After a few hours playing in the sea and on the beach we were covered in sand and ready to see if Beach Magic really did live up to its claims.


The product was so easy to use, all I had to do was sprinkle Beach Magic onto the area of skin covered in sand, gently rub and you could literally see the sand disappear.  After using Beach Magic, it left my children’s skin feeling soft, coconut-scented and more importantly sand free.

Beach Magic works by absorbing the moisture from the sand, allowing it to dust away.

My husband thought it was very similar to talcum powder but the difference with Beach Magic is that it is made from a premium talc which has had cornflour added so that it is more absorbent.  It has also been coloured which means it blends more easily into the skin than your normal bright white talcum powder, which made rubbing the powder into your skin much easier.

Jojoba has also been added, which is kind to the skin and leaves it feeling really soft.  I must preferred the coconut holiday fragrance over the standard baby powder smell from talc.

Beach Magic is made in the UK from premium ingredients and is completely safe to use externally on all body parts. Beach Magic is perfect for babies and adults – leaving skin soft and smooth.

This is a product that I would use every time when we go to the beach and as children and patience don’t always go together it is a quick way of removing sand efficiently from their skin.

When you encounter sandy places such as the beach, country parks and at home when playing in the sand pit it is a great product to have with you wherever your travels take you.

Beach Magic is such as good product we plan to take it with us on all our trips and are looking forward to using it on the beaches of Florida as well as South Wales!

Beach Magic is such a great product, that it takes the moaning of getting rid of sand away at the beach to a minimum. You are paying a premium price for the product at £6.00 a bottle compared to a £1.00 bottle of baby talc that can do a similar job.

Although it is a fantastic product the price may leave some families unsure if they can justify the extra cost of Beach Magic, however the premium ingredients of Beach Magic help remove sand a little bit easier and the coconut fragrance is a plus point.

The girls really loved the product and it’s become part of their beach routine asking, “mummy have you got the Beach Magic with you?”


Beach Magic costs is £6.00 for one bottle or £10 for two. You can purchase direct from Beach Magic or from the following stockists:

Jojo Maman Bebe (Nationwide stores) www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk
Amazon UK (online only) www.amazon.co.uk

We were sent Beach Magic for the purpose of this review.

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