With it being a rainy Sunday morning, I am always looking for something to keep the children stimulated or find a new activity to try.

The girls love playing mini golf and had noticed the signs for Treetop Adventure Golf before so they were very excited to finally being able to play there!


Treetop Adventure Golf opened last year and is proving to be very popular with all ages.  One of the main reasons why it’s so popular is because of its perfect location.  It’s on level P3 of St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff and it’s the first indoor mini golf course in Wales which is a good idea especially with the amount of rain we can get.

Inside the staff were really helpful and friendly and told us all about the two courses there and we were provided with appropriately sized clubs and a different coloured ball each. We were also given a score card and pencil, however, you are encouraged to not take longer than 6 shots at each hole to prevent queues from building up.


There are two 18-hole courses to choose from, Tropical Trail and Ancient Explorer.

We set off on the first course Tropical Trail which as you have guessed is a tropical rain forest theme. I was really impressed with the effort that went into the theming of the course. There were sound effects, talking trees, lights and smoke effects.


tt14What captured the girls attention was the rumble of the thunder storms as we played on the course, which all added to the tropical theme.



Some of the holes were harder than others, with sloping floors and obstacles in the way, definitely challenging us.  There were a couple of holes where the girls were so pleased as they managed to achieve a hole in one.


There was a little cheating going on at some points and some tapping to get the ball in the hole but this was what made it fun for them. They especially loved winding their Daddy up when they beat him at some holes around the course which was so funny because he is so competitive and hates losing.


We ended up waiting at some points for the people ahead of us to clear the hole so we can take our turn and it can feel a little rushed as there were other families queuing behind us. We arrived early and I think it could be a little too busy during the afternoons especially at weekends.


We enjoyed the fun and interactive features such as a 60-foot mystic river, singing frogs, vines, trees and plants, and drop holes where the ball will disappear from site, only to reappear elsewhere.  It was exciting for the children as the lighting level was low like you were playing almost in the dark.


At the end there is a ’19th hole’ a bonus hole called Bob Monkey-House. Here, if you hit the ball into the centre of his mouth, you’ll win a free game. It seemed impossible but my husband managed to achieve this and the girls were jumping up and down shouting in excitement.


We then set off on the second course the Ancient Explorer trail which was also themed perfectly.



If you are taking your time or have younger children one course per visit would probably be enough. However, if you go before 12 noon you have the second game for free. My girls aged 5 and 8 loved both courses and we found the second course to be quicker.


A round of mini golf will cost £7.50 per person for one 18-hole round, £3.50 for aged 5 and under or £25 for a family of 4.  It was a little pricey at £25 for a family of four to play one course but you are best to go before midday to make the most of the play two rounds for the price of one.


There is no need to book in advance, you can just turn up and tee off.  I would recommend arriving early before it gets too busy.

I was really impressed with Treetop Adventure Golf and would definitely recommend it as a great place to go with children.  It was a good way to spend time as a family on a rainy Sunday morning.



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