Wales National Airshow Swansea

We had a great day out watching the planes at the Wales National Airshow in Swansea and best of all it is free.  All you need to do is pick a spot on the fantastic stretch of coastline of Swansea Bay to sit and watch.  Swansea Bay is a large picturesque coastline and the planes fly over the sea away from the crowds.


The show runs at the start of July every year on a Saturday and Sunday.  The highlight of the show is the Red Arrows followed by the Battle of Britain.  I recommend that you arrive well in advance so that you are positioned in time to get a good view of the first display.




It was a lovely opportunity to spot and photograph some rare planes.  Last year we managed to see the Vulcan before it retired.  The noise was phenomenal.


This year’s line up was: Red Arrows, Eurofighter Typhoon, Royal Navy Black Cats, Battle of Britain, Memorial Flight, Chinook, Team Raven, Broncos Demo Team, Team Yakovlevs, Tigers Parachute Display Team, B-17 Sally B, Gerald Cooper Extreme, Autogyro, Jet Provost T5 and MiG 15.


The ground displays are open from 10.00am – 6.00pm each day.  Get here early as there’s lots to see and do, from scrambling into cockpits and vehicles to assault courses and displays.


The Wales National Air Show is a lovely day out. All you need to do is take a picnic and a blanket to sit on, and don’t forget you camera.


There were little babies here and parents had a good idea to put headphones on to protect tiny ears from the noise.

It was a fantastic day out and we enjoy going annually.  Every time my little girl sees a plane in the sky she thinks it’s either the red arrows or a plane from the air show!


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