What we love about Disneyland Paris is the attention to detail.  Here are 12 hidden secrets that you should look out for during your next visit to Disneyland Paris.

Secret 1

There is a mirror outside Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts. If you stand in front of it and look at it, it will look like as if you have a beard.

Secret 2

Within Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts is an actual barber that offers actual shaves and hair cuts on most days each week. The shop is accessed from within the Emporium Store.

Secret 3

Located in the first store on your right as you walk down Main Street is an old phone. If you pick it up, you can hear a lady speaking.

Secret 4

As you walk along main street there are lots of little noises to be heard, such as the dentist drill in the dentist clinic.

Secret 5

The castle at Disneyland Paris is in several shades of pink to make it look taller than it actually is.

Secret 6

If you go upstairs within the castle you will be able to see Sleeping Beauty’s story and keep a look out for the beautiful sparking tapestries, the knights that snore and the changing rose in the magic window. Another little known part of the castle is that there is a dragon that you can see under the castle.

Secret 7

If you stand below the umbrella next to the backlot express it will start raining.

Secret 8

If you go into L’Auberge de Cendrillon (Cinderella’s Inn) within the courtyard you’ll find her coach.

Secret 9

In Adventureland you will be able to see Mr Frederickson and Russell from the Disney movie UP sitting by the river.

Secret 10

In the Disney Studios park at the Art of Animation there is an art class. There are lots of drawing activities and you can keep the picture that the Disney animator draws, which is a nice souvenir.

Secret 11

Within the graveyard at the exit of Phantom Manor, look for a large metal grave. If you press your ear up against it you should hear a faint heartbeat from inside it.

Secret 12

If you walk from Main Street station through the Liberty Arcade and turn left at the end of the arcade you can walk into Frontierland under shelter. The route is still not that well known and perfect if the weather isn’t great and to beat the crowds.

Bonus Secret

If your children wear a Frozen dress to the Frozen Sing-Along they could be invited to sit in the VIP seating area.  These seats offer the best views of the show.

  1. Hi Lauren,

    LOL on that beard mirror! Looks like tons of fun stuff to do at Disneyland “Pairee” (said with bad NJ accent LOL)! We need to visit one day as I’ve only read great things about this magical spot. Plus, my mom in law is a Disney nut/addict/rabid fan and this would be a dream. Looks like a trio needs to go 😉 Thanks for sharing!


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