12 secret things to look for and do at Disneyland Paris

What we love about Disneyland Paris is the attention to detail, most of which people miss during their visit.

Here are 12  of my favourite hidden gems and secrets that you should look out for during your next visit to Disneyland Paris.

Secret 1 – Find famous inventors in the dome of the Emporium

When you visit Main Street USA’s Emporium, and you will as its the largest store in the park, look up.  The decoration on the ceiling in this store is really impressive.  A highlight is the stained glass tribute to famous inventors including Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford.

Secret 2 – Get your haircut at Dapper Dan’s

Within Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts is an actual barber that offers actual shaves and hair cuts on most days each week. The shop is accessed from within the Emporium Store and is decorated with authentic pieces from an actual Chicago barber.

There is also a mirror outside Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts. If you stand in front of it and look at it, it will look like as if you have a beard.

Secret 3 – See an Animatronic Tigger

Next to City Hall is the Storybook store.  This is one of the most charming stores in all of Disneyland Paris yet is often overlooked because of its location at the entrance to the park.  Inside you’ll find lots of unique gifts from Disney themed notebooks and pens.  However what is most striking is the large animatronic Tigger at the entrance to the store.  Once inside also look up and you’ll find other Disney characters, including Jaq, from Cinderella who is harder to find.

Secret 4 – Listen for the hidden sounds on Main Street

As you walk along main street there are lots of little noises to be heard.  Next to the Discovery Arcade, is the dentist clinic, where you’ll hear sounds of a dentist drill.  Above Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant, you can hear a man brushing his teeth and messing with the taps in his bathroom and look for the Piano sign and you’ll hear the sounds of a pianist.

Secret 5 – Admire the Pink Castle

The castle at Disneyland Paris is arguably the most beautiful of all of the Disney castles. If you look closely, its painted in several shades of pink to make it look taller than it actually is.

Secret 6 – Visit the only dragon in a Disney castle

If you go upstairs within the castle you will be able to see Sleeping Beauty’s story and keep a look out for the beautiful sparking tapestries, the knights that snore and the changing rose in the magic window. Another hidden gem of the castle is its animatronic dragon that you can see under the castle, which is unique to this Disney park.  You can see it by following a path to the left of the castle, look for the sign that says  “La Tanière du Dragon”.

Secret 7 – Marvel at the interior of Harrington’s

On Main Street, look for a shop called Harrington’s Fine China and Porcelains, you can easily walk past this store on the way to the castle.  Inside it has some of the most gorgeous Disney gifts to purchase and you get to see a Disney cast member creating custom crystal gifts.  However,  the reason why this is on the list is to admire the stunning dome ceiling which is also supposed to have magical acoustic properties.

Secret 8 – See Cinderella’s Carriage and Princesses without the wait

If you go into L’Auberge de Cendrillon (Cinderella’s Inn) within the courtyard you’ll find her coach, providing a perfect photo opportunity.  Better still it’s also the best area to see various princesses and characters without the long wait times of the Princess Pavilion.  As you walk past the carriage look for the gate by the castle wall as this is the spot commonly used as a getaway and entrance for characters.

Secret 9 – Say Hi to Russell and Mr. Fredricksen from Up

In Adventureland as you cross the bridge, look out over the lake- you’ll will be able to see Mr Frederickson and Russell from the Disney movie Up sitting by the water.

Secret 10 – Get a hand drawn picture from a Disney artist.

In the Disney Studios park at the Art of Animation you’ll find their art class. It’s a great activity to learn the secrets of how to draw your favourite Disney characters.  The secret here is once you arrive go and speak to the animator running the class before it begins and ask nicely if there is a possibility that you could have their drawing at the end of the session.  They very rarely say no and it makes for a really nice hand drawn souvenir by a Disney artist.

Secret 11 – Visit Boot Hill Cemetery

Within the graveyard at the exit of Phantom Manor, look for a large metal grave. If you press your ear up against it you should hear a faint heartbeat from inside it.  Also check out the variety of fun grave names and epitaphs

Secret 12 – Take the hidden covered walkway to escape the crowds and rain

If you walk from Main Street station through the Liberty Arcade and turn left at the end of the arcade you can walk into Frontierland under shelter. The route is still not that well known and perfect if the weather isn’t great and also use it to beat the crowds.


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