What we love about Magic Kingdom is the attention to detail.  Here are 15 hidden secrets that you should look out for during your next visit to Magic Kingdom.

Secret 1

When walking down Main Street look out for the shop called Chapeau, in the shop make sure to pick up the phone to hear a conversations between Disney Characters. There is also another phone in Tomorrowland to hear more hidden Disney conversations.

Secret 2

Most people want their picture taken from the front of the Cinderella Castle, however the back of the castle is just as beautiful, more unique, and a lot less crowded.

Secret 3

If you ask one of the human Disney characters about their movie they will go straight into character.

Secret 4

My children love Cinderella, and hidden amongst the 90 horses on Prince Charming Regal Carousel is Cinderella’s horse. To be able to say you have taken a ride on this special horse look for the one with the golden ribbon on its tail.

Secret 5

On the Jungle Cruise, if you ask the captain for a map of the cruise they will give you one.

Secret 6

If you have memory maker ask a photographer for a “magic shot”. You will be able to have a photo holding various Disney characters such as Tinkerbell and Lumiere to even a bunch of Disney balloons, making your photos even more magical and memorable.

Secret 7

Make sure you visit Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique located in Cinderella’s Castle with your children for a special treat. If you ask nicely the Fairy Godmother will sprinkle fairy dust on you and your children with her wand of glitter.

Secret 8

After riding the Tomorrowland Speedway at the exit ask the Disney cast member for your free drivers licence. It makes a lovely keepsake.

Secret 9

At night visit the Haunted Mansion. If you look at the very top floor above the front door you will see a light and shadows given the illusion that two people are inside with a lantern. Also look out for one of the tombstones, it has eyes that follow you!

Secret 10

On Main Street if you turn right down the first side street look for one of the windows that says “Music Lessons’. If it’s nice and quiet you can sometimes hear someone tap dancing or practising their singing.

Secret 11

As you explore Magic Kingdom you can take part in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Spell Card Game and cast Merlin’s magical spells throughout the park to defeat the Disney Villains. You can register for free at the firehouse on Main Street and you are given a Sorcerer Key Card, Merlin’s mystical map, spell cards and training on how to unlock Magic Portals and defeat the Disney villains.

Secret 12

The Barber Shop on Main Street is an actual hairdresser. If you visit they will paint little Mickey Mouse heads on the back of your children’s head or sprinkle special ‘Mickey Dust’ on you free of charge. You can also have your haircut, so if you ever fancied having your hair cut at Disney this is your chance.

Secret 13

The fireworks at Magic Kingdom are very busy, so if you don’t want to see Tinkerbell fly or see the front of the castle, then go behind the castle to watch the fireworks. The view is great, it’s much quieter and you can usually even get a seat at one of the outdoor restaurants.

Secret 14

Want to know where to find the characters in the park? Pick up a copy of the free times guide each morning at the entrance to the park, which lists the times and location of where the Disney characters will be for your children to meet.

Secret 15

Finally, many people miss this, but if you stay at Magic Kingdom right before it closes for the night, you will see the “Kiss Goodnight”. In this special show which lasts 2 minutes you will see the castle lit up in different colours to the music of “When You Wish Upon a Star” and as you leave the a narrator plays the original speech given by Roy Disney when the park opened in 1971. It makes an amazing end to your day at Magic Kingdom.

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