Manorbier Beach

Manorbier Beach is a beautiful unspoilt beach just on the outskirts of Tenby, West Wales.  As we arrived early the car park was relatively quiet, and it’s so beautiful with the lovely backdrop of Manobier Castle overlooking the beach and car park.

From the car park it was a lovely 5 minute walk across a sandy path and boardwalk onto the sands of Manobier beach.



A big attraction for families to Manobier beach along with its great beach is that it has  lots of rock pools, which the girls had great fun climbing over and exploring looking for crabs and fish using their fishing nets.  There is lots of space for families to enjoy beach activities.



The girls also had so much fun in the sea as it was their first time they had tried surfing on their new bodyboard.  Another favourite was jumping over waves in the sea and splashing in the water.


We also spent time building sandcastles and digging huge holes in the beach.  We spent countless trips to the sea to see if we could fill it with water.


There were people paddle boarding, fishing, rock pooling and playing in the sea.  Please be aware however that during our visit there was no lifeguard patrol on this beach.


At the beach there are toilet facilities in the car park and there was a small fee to pay for parking starting at £1 for 1 hour.  It is the same car park for Manorbier Castle.  You can have a snack at the castle and enter via the hidden gate on the side of the road.

Good Tip:

Remember to bring a bottle of talc and a towel as this is an excellent way or removing sand from feet and other areas when there are no shower facilities.

After the beach we dried off and went to the Potting Shed which is a lovely café located in Manorbier Garden Centre.  We had heard good reports about this and we were not disappointed!

We enjoyed a tasty panini which came with tortillas, coleslaw and salad, also ordered a bowl of chips to share along with a lovely cup of tea and homemade cake.



The service was good and the quality of the food was great.  There was alovely selection of freshly made cakes.  The café and toilets were clean and staff were friendly and the garden centre is nice to have a look around.

We are so lucky living in Wales with all its beautiful beaches.  There are so many to pick from.

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