Dynamic Earth is a science centre located next to the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh with a great view of Arthur’s Seat which is an extinct volcano.

Dynamic Earth takes you on a journey through time to when earth was created which includes the Big Bang, abiogenesis, plate tectonics and glaciation.  It is very educational but also fun.  There are numerous displays and activities to help the children learn about population growth, concepts of time and the realities of climate change.

There is an interesting dinosaur exhibition before you enter the attraction.
You start by taking a time machine back to before the solar system even existed. You can feel the heat of an asteroid flying across the globe before crash landing in the rainforest.

dearth  The girls enjoyed the interactive exhibits and 4Dventure  and also the opportunity to touch a glacier. You can visit the show dome to watch a short film in the 360 degrees cinema.  There are 14 sections to visit.

There are great special effects that make the experience fun.  There are some loud noises and flashing lights.


At the end of the attraction is Ocean Commotions Soft Play which the girls enjoyed playing in, as it used imaginative lighting and atmospheric sounds of ocean waves.

There is a car park underneath the attraction which cost us £3 for 3 hours.

It is an excellent all weather attraction and is a good way to spend a morning or afternoon out in Edinburgh.




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